Senior Tech Recruiter

Do you have an eye for spotting talent? Do you long to craft a brighter future for people across the world?

Then we would love to have you on our team! As a Senior Tech Recruiter, you will be making sure we stay on top of our game and enroll the best talent motivated to work on some of the most advanced e-solutions in the world. Our employees are critical to making our business a success and you will make an impact with every new hire.

Who you are?

You are thoroughly interested in understanding Nortals business objectives and how they map the company’s talent needs. You know all the ins and outs of the recruitment business, but strive to learn even more. You are known for giving the absolute best candidate experience and have a warm talent pool of experts who are ready to jump on new opportunities you offer them. You see the bigger picture and are interested in building a strategy to bring Nortal’s talent acquisition to an even higher level.

You may already live in Estonia or you might have dreams of relocating to this small (but super cool!) country on the Baltic Sea.

Who we are?

A team of seriously talented recruiters working in an international team across 6 countries. We set high standards for ourselves, focusing above all on quality candidate experience and collaboration. We truly believe, a great recruiter has to be passionate about their work, believe in the company and its mission. Our projects at Nortal have a high impact and ability to change people’s lives for the better.

What you can tell your friends when they ask you what you do?

You work on the frontline of expansion, helping to execute our global mission. You bring in the right people, in the right place, at the right time, driving the right results to Nortal every day. You have top-notch tools (Lever, Amazing Hiring, etc) at your disposal in sourcing, recruiting and employer branding and are always welcome to introduce new exciting techniques to the team. We strive to always build up our skills! You can also brag about working for the “Company of the year 2020” and “Dream employer 2021”.

You’re likely to succeed if you:

– Eat challenges for breakfast and recruitment is your passion.
– Have a strong track record as a successful recruiter.
– Have more than 3 years experience in the field.
– Demonstrate strong sales skills and understand the importance of the pitch.
– Have a deeply rooted curiosity level and won’t settle with the most obvious results.
– Understand the business and are ready to meet expectations at all organizational levels, recruiting for technical, business, and leadership positions.
– Have a forward-looking, proactive attitude that you implement in improving recruiting processes.
– Have excellent English skills.

Nortal’s culture is right for you if you:

– Value teamwork, kindness, and believe together great things can be accomplished.
– Believe in the mission of the company and projects as well as understand the dynamics of stakeholder relationships.
– Have high-performance standards for yourself as well as for the team.
– Have a desire to learn and grow.
– Are goal-oriented and want to get things done.
– Value open and honest relationships and don’t mind straightforward communication.


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