Risk Analysts within Anti-Financial Crime

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  • Tallinn
  • 16/10/2020
  • 15/01/2021

Are you passionate about Financial Crime? We are now looking for Anti-Financial Crime Risk Analysts with experience of strategic and operative analysis.

With us you have the opportunity to:

– Be a part of Group AML/CTF (Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing) Office, which is responsible for the establishment, governance, follow-up and implementation of the Swedbank AML/CTF and Financial Crime approach;
– Group AML/CTF is a first line of defence function which is responsible for the group risk assessment activities and strategic analysis in the Financial-Crime Area;
– The Group AML/CTF Office assists the senior management and the Swedbank Group in understanding risks related to financial crime;
– As a Risk Analyst you will work to assist and support the management and the business organisation in identifying, assessing and understanding the financial crime risks and typologies;
– You will be collecting, processing and sharing information with a view to identify areas of risk in the Swedbank Group;
– You will play an important role in Swedbank’s group risk assessment process and will, through your analysis create new typologies as well as support the ongoing work to design and apply mitigating measures and develop transaction monitoring processes (incl. the development of scenarios);
– Identify and analyse typologies, trends and patterns (modi operandi) associated to ML/TF, Fraud and other financial crime;
– Conduct strategic analysis across all legal entities in the Swedbank Group regarding big data transactional patterns or geographic risk exposure;
– Develop predictive analytical methods (incl. modelling) as well as score models.
– Participate in the development of new data assessment methods;

What you need in this role:

– You have a relevant academic degree;
– Have at least three years of experience of analytical work – preferably within the Anti-Financial Crime area (the experience may have been acquired either from having a similar role in a bank, working as an analyst with the Police, law enforcement agency or other organisation working with Anti-Financial Crime);
– Has experience of quantitative and qualitative risk analysis and the processing of large quantities of data using analytical tools;
– Has experience in the development and visualisation of methods and advanced risk analysis models;
– Has stylistic ability to summarise and report on findings and results;

“Join our team and …
be a part of the Group AML/CTF Office which is currently being developed and undergoing changes. Joining us will therefore present ample opportunities to influence the way forward and make a real difference. You will be a part of a team of high performing professionals with a varied background and experience.” Anna Andersson, your future leader

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