Data Wizard, Brightloom

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  • 10/02/2021

Hello, you! Yes, you!

Do you happen to have strong experience with handcrafting highly scalable data processing platforms and creating data pipelines? Do you want to harness your knowledge in data science and take an international challenge to build a scalable data platform? If you cannot wait to answer “YES”, we’ve been looking for you.

Our client is Brightloom, America-based company that provides Customer Growth Platform, which is cloud-based software services that grow customer lifetime value for restaurant chains, retailers, and direct-to-consumer brands. Brightloom machine learning models convert your data into product demand forecasts, personalized product recommendations, customer lifetime value predictions, etc.

Why join the team?

We’re using the newest tools and cloud technologies at scale – the sheer data volume projects are something not often seen or experienced in Europe. As it will be an international hybrid team, then it’s also an ideal opportunity to work with top cloud experts in the world. ☁️

Your skillset:

Strong background with Spark, Python/Scala;
Experience with other Big Data solutions or cloud platforms would help (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure);
Analytical mindset for understanding the why and how of the business needs and the complex calculations logic;
Excellent communication skills are a plus – as we’re growing our European competence in cloud & data topics, this person would ideally become an ambassador for specific technologies in Nortal Europe.

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